Hey Y’all, I’m Kendall!

The owner and photographer of Kendall Nicole Studios. I’m married to my best friend David and we welcomed our daughter Norah into the world in September 2018.

Photo by Valerie Thompson Photography

Photo by Valerie Thompson Photography

3 Facts about me

  1. My favorite YouTube Channel is Bon Appetit. It’s QUALITY entertainment. It’s funny, informative, and I feel like I could be best friends with the chefs. My husband and I are inspired to make dishes by them. Our favorite is Basically Spaghetti Pomodoro. You have to try it - you’ll never buy canned sauce again. You’re welcome :)

  2. Walking around a furniture store with my husband is a favorite pastime. We’re planning our future dream home, and the interior decorator in me is always wanting to do something in the house. Basically, Joanna Gaines and I should be bffs. 

  3. I LOVE running. Far. I ran a half marathon a few years ago but I’m finally training to run another one this winter and a full marathon in spring of 2020! My daughter enjoys being pushed in the stroller as I run, which usually turns into nap time, and I end the run feeling relaxed.

Our wedding  Photography by Ashley Rhian Photography

Our wedding Photography by Ashley Rhian Photography

Photo by Tara Arseven

Photo by Tara Arseven