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“What’s your style?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get, from clients and non-clients. I wanted to take the time to describe the style at Kendall Nicole Studios for both the photography and the editing.

My background as an artist taught me to observe the setting. Photojournalism and storytelling come naturally to me and. I want to focus on the emotion of what is happening: What is the groom’s reaction? How are the bride’s parent’s reacting? And the relationships: Are these siblings quiet and sweet or outgoing and silly? What are this couple’s personalities?

This approach is used for both weddings and lifestyle sessions to get beautiful and candid photos of the moments and relationships you care about.

After the session comes the editing. My editing style is romantic and moody with a nod to the organic look of film, even though I shoot digital. I’m inspired by photographers like Benj Haisch, The Kitcheners, Dawn Charles, and India Earl. The goal is to create a beautiful photograph that will stand the test of time.

Or I could just say: “My style is candid and romantic with a focus on relationships and emotions.”



Posted on Jul 07, 2017