Hello friends!

So I've missed a few blog posts. It's harder than I thought, but I'm not giving up! I've been busy photographing weddings and a new project that I'm excited to share with you. I had a styled sessions with Circa 77 Vintage a vintage store in my hometown. I got a few of the prettiest girls I know to have their pick of dresses in the store and we had ourselves a photo shoot. It was a blast!

The ladies over at Circa 77 Vintage are incredible. We searched througout the store for a couple outfits for the girls to wear. We didn't go in with a specific plan, but before we knew it each of the girls had found some cute 70's Maxi dresses and sundresses. There's a great selection of maxi dresses there, if you're looking for one, go check them out and you're sure to find a unique dress!

After finding accesories that went with their dresses, we headed outside to begin the shoot. Who doesn't love hanging out in the shade of a big tree and twirling in their dress?!

These were taken in the middle of a hot Texas summer day and it was time for some sundresses! Each girl found a dress they loved and some sunglasses to go with it. Circa 77 Vintage is located off the square in downton Denton so we walked to the courhouse square, found some shade, and had some fun!

Don't they look amazing?

If you live in the DFW area and are looking for some unique, vintage finds, head to Denton and check out Circa 77 Vintage, then head to Beth Marie's and enjoy some homemaid ice cream in the shade of a tree on the courthouse law. Be sure to follow Circa 77 Vintage's Instagram to see inventory and be notified of their sales.

Interested in putting together a styled shoot or product photography for your business, contact me here.

I hope y'all have had a wonderful week and have a great weekend!


Posted on Jul 21, 2017